Sushi Factory 101


Is this your first visit to the Sushi Factory?

Here is a quick guide to find your favorite sushi dishes!


When You Arrive

Our staff will bring you to your table. Use the tablet at the table to select your first round of drinks. Bella the Robot will bring your drinks and wasabi plates to your table within minutes.

You can begin to select sushi plates from the conveyor belt or order items from the tablet right away.

The Conveyor Belt

Choose sushi plates from the conveyor belt as they pass by.

Take the entire plate off the belt.  Do not take sushi from the running plates.  Once you take a plate off the belt, please do not put it back or return empty plates to the belt.  Please do not leave the table to take sushi.  Stack your empty plates on the table after eating.


Tablet Ordering

Use the touch screen tablet to order specific items!

Once your order is ready, it will be delivered to your table by Bella or the Sushi Train.  Order drinks, appetizers, hand rolls, desserts, and more with just a few taps!


All Done?

When you are finished with your meal, tap the “Request Check” button on the tablet and we will bring your bill to you.

Our Menu

rsf mobile menu 01 - cover
rsf mobile menu 01 - appetizers
rsf mobile menu 02 - tempura
rsf mobile menu 03 - rolls
rsf mobile menu 04 - maki

Prices and availiability are subject to change without notice.